“How to become a virtual assistant”

Have you wondered how fun life would be if you could work from anywhere?

Let’s try being a company’s Google Assistant for a day!

There are a lot of startups and companies that want people with no specific qualifications but a wide variety of skills to handle their technical, administrative, and managerial tasks. These companies do not require assistants to work on their payroll; rather, they can have the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere. One of the only requirements is having laptops with stable internet connections.
Some of the tasks that a virtual assistant can do include managing a calendar, arranging meetings, keeping track of sales, working on building teams, billing and invoices, custom research, customer support, and helping managers schedule their time well. Virtual assistance is generally a freelance task and can end up costing you an hourly rate of $18.89 per hour.
A few of the unique services that can help you set your foot in the market can be cold calling, social media handling, records management, lead generation, etc., which have good market demand and can help you gain a good fortune. If you have the will but lack the time to figure out your field, virtual assistance may be for you!
Try taking up courses, understanding the skills required for every task, keeping your charges minimal, building customer relationships before converting them to clients, and keeping yourself updated with changes in policies around freelancing. You can easily start your career in virtual assistance by signing up on Upwork and applying for positions.

If you wish to know how Upwork works, tune in to our next blog!

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