How to up your career with Upwork

I've always heard "Indians are treated unequally," but this is not the case here.

Upwork is the new earning source!

Upwork has been considered one of the most effective platforms for earning money for freelancers, keeping in mind the flexibility to work from anywhere with a laptop and stable internet connection. Upwork has a wide network of employers and freelancers who are in dire need of work.
Upwork has gained popularity due to its wide variety of features, including its ability to draft, pitch, send messages, track ongoing activities, and outsource work to remote freelancers with heavy skill sets.
You’re basically required to pitch the employer regarding various services and extras that you can offer them, and you can certainly fix a price by sending the best of your samples. The samples are then reviewed by your client, and based on that, your earnings are decided.
This might sound easy, but there are some loopholes to this website. First of all, the earning is in dollars; therefore, the actual money received after the currency exchange in your account is nothing as expected. Secondly, there are chances that you might work day and night for a month and get trapped in the scam of not getting paid.
Some tips to save yourself from scams include researching the company and simplifying their work expectations before you start a project to save yourself from future scams.

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