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Full Stack Web Development in association with JB Knowledge Park

Learning modules

  • Introduction to Full stack Web development
  • HTML Fundamentals
  • CSS Fundamentals
  • JavaScript Essentials
  • Front-End Frameworks
  • Back-End Development
  • Server-Side Frameworks
  • Web Security
  • Web Performance Optimization
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Accessibility

Perks of Choosing acadbuddy workshop

This workshop is meant to be free of cost to give you a brief idea about the relevance of websites in everyday life.
The workshop will be conducted live and online to make learning easier and fun.
Our quiz will not only brainstorm your brain but will also aid in winning prizes
Our certificates are industry-recognized and can help you uplift your Resume.
This workshop will work like a one-to-one mentorship session to give you an idea about the career opportunities in the web developer

Tools you will learn

A comprehensive toolkit for contemporary web programming in AcadBuddy's Full Stack Developer workshop. You'll learn about front-end technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as well-known frameworks for dynamic user interfaces like React. You'll learn Node.js on the back end, which will enable you to create scalable server-side apps. Effective data management will be covered using databases like MongoDB. Your skill set will be completed with Git for version control and deployment tools like Heroku, ensuring that you are knowledgeable about every facet of full-stack development. You'll be prepared to build interactive, seamless online apps from scratch.

Placement assistance

Career Opportunities

1. Web developer:
They design and build websites and web applications. Web developers earn an average salary of $77,099 per year
2. Full stack developer:
of $108,769 per year
Full-stack developers develop both the frontend and backend of websites, especially e-commerce websites. They earn an average salary
3. Web development manager:
Web development managers oversee web development teams and ensure the process is completed within time. They earn an average salary of $98,768 per year

What we have to offers

1. Attend a free, live online workshop that is hosted from the convenience of your home.
2. Talk with our on-staff instructor for insightful information on potential job paths and a course overview.
3. Take part in interactive quizzes for a chance to win alluring prizes.
4. Get specialized sessions to clear up your doubts and improve your foundational knowledge.
5. Upon completion, receive a Certificate of Attendance from our prestigious organization that is acknowledged in the business.

Live Projects & Case Studies

Acadbuddy offers case studies and real-world projects to provide practical learning through experience. In the course of the lesson, this offers a view into real-world scenarios in website creation.

Quiz & Win

Take our interesting quizzes to enter to win wonderful prizes. Your educational experience will be more involved and interesting thanks to these benefits, which provide another dimension.

Test your learning.

  • Additionally, our surprise module will give you the chance to evaluate your knowledge, giving you a clear indication of how far along you are in your study.

What Our Buddy Says

Sample Certificate

A Certificate of Excellence is waiting for individuals who successfully pass the skill test and finish the case studies. No matter who attends, they will all be given a Certificate of Completion that is acknowledged in the field. These certifications from Acadbuddy are made specifically for the business world and will look great on your resume as proof of your upskilling efforts. They are made to make it easier for you to assess and demonstrate your skills and understanding.


What if I have a doubt in the middle of the session?
We will have a chit-chat round during the session to discuss various doubts and queries.
Will we get live projects?
Live projects come under the fully-fledged course and not the workshop.
What are the benefits of the workshop?
1. You will get a chance to interact and network with our professional coach who can help you build a matrix in the industry. 2. You will get a chance to stay up to date with the trends and automation in network security. 3. This workshop is determined to test your critical thinking with a special impact on problem-solving skills
What happens if I enroll in the workshop and can’t attend?
We can get you enrolled in the next batch of workshops whenever applicable.
Is the course completely practical or theoretical based?
The course is 90% practical-based and 10% theoretical-based.
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