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Do you think we made a typo? Hold on! We didn't; It is affordable.

Worthy experience

A treasure hunt, but with all the loot right there.

Live online sessions

You might compare it to having a private tutor without the uncomfortable locomotion.

Experienced mentors

Learn among the finest faces in the field.

Interactive quizzes

brain teasers, but without any frustration.

On the spot doubt -clearing session

Take only goodies home not doubts.

About us

Acadbuddy is your ticket to the Learning Revolution

Acadbuddy is the leading educational technology platform that an integrated upskilling chain of networks across the globe. Launched back in 2022, it delivers a variety of workshops and courses to help you shape your personality and transform into the person you aspire to be. Today, it has helped over 5000+ students by upskilling them and guiding them to become job ready, breaking the conventional educational pattern. We are a registered firm under Startup India and MSME schemes. We understand that every student has different needs and capabilities, which is why we create a wonderful and unique curriculum that best fits every student & We fulfil dreams by making the path engrossing and achievable.

Our Upcoming Workshops

Take a look at our upcoming workshops that will assist you in actualizing your innate talent and enhance your aptitude allowing you to rediscover your career options. Sign up for the workshop and learn from the best.

Our Upcoming Courses

Take a look at our upcoming courses that will assist you in actualizing your innate talent and enhance your aptitude allowing you to rediscover your career options. Sign up for the course and learn from the best.

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Skill enhancement:-

Tired seeing everyone offering you the same course? What if we offer you personality builders as well along with it? You want it, we got it!

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Growth opportunity:-

We believe in give and take for both! You give us your time, we give you the personal attention of our mentors! We can both settle at that.

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Community building:-

Wonder who you can rant together with? Worry not! We help you build your community with like-minded people to give you a 360 degree approach.

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